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Sunday, October 2nd, 2016


The Sway Machinery and Hydra! Rosh HaShana eve party - 8pm

151 Avenue C
New York New York 10003
Price: $10 advance/$15 night of

The Sway Machinery versus Hydra! Special Rosh Hashana eve party!
New York-based acts The Sway Machinery and Hydra launch a dynamic collaboration exploring familial intimacy alongside musical ritual. The groups mix rich vocals with robust musicianship and evocative performance in their musical exploration of zemiros, a genre of Jewish folk music sung at the table among families. Zemiros act both as source material and framework for exploring this ritual music which is at once humble and transcendental. Through the marriage of historical folksong, alongside a uniquely contemporary musical palette and performative aesthetic, a powerful new project is born. Coming on the first night of Rosh Hashana, this is a particularly timely night for diving into the past and creating with what we find thereā€¦

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