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my space/the sway machinery
Check out our myspace site: home of the infrequently updated musings of Jeremiah Lockwood.
Andrea Dezsö''s Home Page
The multifarious works of the brilliant Hungarian-born visual artist Andrea Dezsö. Andrea has created an animated film entitled "Scenes From the Life of Ben Zion Kapov Kagan," based on stories by Jeremiah Lockwood, which will premiere as part of our Hidden Melodies Revealed concerts in September. I am so proud to be working with her!
Our Flikr page
Lots of new photographs of The Sway Machinery, including a series of shots from our Hidden Melodies Revealed concert/event taken by Heather Conley.
The Bluegrass Special
Veteran music journalist David McGee's home for sagacious commentary on American traditional music, young and old. The June 2008 edition features The Sway Machinery as it focus in the Gospel column (!), which gives you a sense of how far off the map David will go to find new examples of good down-home American music.
Six Points Fellowship
Jeremiah Lockwood is a recipient ofThe Six Points Fellowship for Emerging Jewish Artists, a partnership of Avoda Arts, JDub Records, and the National Foundation for Jewish Culture, which is made possible with major funding from UJA-Federation of New York.
Tatiana McCabe's Visual Arts Website
The photography, moving images and fine arts of our friend Tatiana McCabe can be seen here!
Stuart Bogie's homepage
Stuart Bogie--one of the great men of contemporary music and a rare specimen of human virtue. Check out Volni Litmus, Bogie's rock band that also features Jeremiah Lockwood
Mendy--A question of faith
Homepage of the film Mendy. Features a score by The Sway Machinery.
Colin Stetson's homepage
Sideman on numerous Tom Waits records--now he works for us. The bass saxophone-wielding secret weapon of the band.
Fire of Space
Trumpet-man/composer Jordan McLean's visionary orchestra. One of the best band's working. Also features Bogie and Stetson.
Brooklyn Rock
Curated by Chris Smith and regulated according to the whims of the demiurge, Brooklyn Rock tells the story and then some.
Vibromonk Studio
The best studio in New York City. Period.
Tomer Tzur
Tomer's homepage on myspace.
B'nai Jeshurun
A community that calls for social action and world peace. The services are accompanied by live music. Tomer Tzur has been a musician in residence at BJ for a number of years.
Ink Room
The drawings/projects/works of our friend Yasha Rozov, a font of brilliant new ideas in the visual arts.
Anistar is the greatest Mid- Eastern Orchestra in NY.